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The Steelfixing Group

The Steelfixing Group Pty Ltd (TSG NSW) has been actively running from January 2017. The group was originally established over 25 years ago carrying out structural reinforcement services across New South Wales.

Sydney Leaders in Steel Fixing

The business has rapidly grown throughout the years, building upon what was originally a team of 10, to a team of over 80 workers which is a testament to the excellence of our operations. TSG NSW's expertise extends from residential to large commercial projects, ensuring that high quality craftsmanship is carried out and expectations are met.


Producing quality work with the utmost integrity and high expertise in the industry.


Working with major corporations, it is integral to offer high quality performance with a strong team who operate efficiently, effectively and with utmost safety.


TSG NSW operates with complete integrity, adhering to ethical work practices when dealing with all levels of internal and external stakeholders.


Our team consists of a Founding Director, Project Director, Operations Director and a workforce of highly trained professionals, including: Project Managers, Foreman's, Leading Hands and Steel Fixers.